You who signs up for a course or education at Mariart will be at least 18 years old during the course/education’s run. If you are younger than 18 years old you need to contact us beforehand and we will also need your legal guardians written permission.


When signing up for the course, and thereby approving these terms and conditions, the student has entered a deal with Mariart, and the signing up/enrollment is therefore binding. After signing up the student has reserved a place at the chosen education/course. The student will receive a confirmation letter by email or mail regarding their booking. The student will be invited to the course start around two weeks before the beginning of the course.


The course fee should have been transferred to Mariart at the latest 30 days before the date of the course start. The sign-up fee is separate from the course fee. The course fee is for the education, course material, product package, as well as the certification exam. The fee will not include food, accommodation, travels and other costs for the student. This fee will not be refunded.


Mariart will allow a qualified replacement student to take the enrolled student’s place if the enrolled student notifies us by email or mail before the course start. This exchange is permitted right until the course start.


Cancellation and rebooking is allowed until 30 days before the course start. During the cancellation and rebooking the entire course fee will be refunded, but you will be billed an administrative fee corresponding to 20% of the course fee. When cancelling within 30 days before the course start, the entire sign-up fee and course fee will be paid. During rebooking the course fee should be paid at the latest 30 days before the original course start. If the student’s education has not been commenced or has been discontinued because illness a doctor’s written recommendation is needed if the student should be afforded a place at the retake education which is held each year from April and forward. During cancellation because of illness the sign-up fee and the course fee has to be paid at the latest 30 days before the course start of the chosen education. The student will then be protected from possible price changes and rebooking fee. With respect to illness verified by a doctor the student will be able to retake the course within 36 months after the course start of the original education.


According to distans- och hemförsäljningslagen (2005:59) the student has the right to withdraw from the agreement up to 14 days after booking the course. If the student has started the chosen education or in any way has started utilizing books and/or other course material the right to withdraw will not be eligible. Excessing your right to withdraw will easiest be handled by means of our ångerblankett (form for withdrawal). Refunding of the sign-up fee will be made within 30 days of receiving the form for withdrawal. If you have questions about this you can reach us at 08-649 26 02 as well as You can also send us a letter to Mariart School of Makeup & Hair, Cementvägen 16, 136 50 Jordbro. Please write the date of the course start and the course number as well as your personal information. If you have already transferred the sign-up fee please be sure to write your bank and bank account number to where you wish to be refunded. You will then have the right to be returned the entire fee you have paid including the sign-up fee.


Mariart has the right to withhold the student’s certification if more than 10% of the course’s education hours have been missed by the student. To be able to be certified the student will have to retake missed lessons and to pass a certification exam. The possibility to retake lessons will be afforded with respect to available places in upcoming courses.


The education can be made in Swedish and English. The lesson plan will vary and the one described on the website is a general example. All internship is optional and can be taken during evenings and weekends. The student will choose between doing makeup on each other or booking a lesson model. Friends and relatives are all welcome. Mariart has a wide register of lesson models which can be used for every lesson. The student solely responsible for booking models. Images for the portfolio will be given in digital form.  During the distance education the student will be solely responsible for having enough bandwidth (internet connection and downloading speed) so the student can receive livestreamed lessons in real time. You as a student should check that you without interference can receive streaming in at lest 360p. If you have questions about this be please to ask your internet provider.


The student will commit to follow the safety guidelines which exist in the school facilities. When commencing your education, Mariart will sign a liability insurance which is active during the student’s time at the school during the run of the course. Mariart has the right to suspend students which misbehaves during their education or in other ways hinders the education of fellow students. Mariart is protective about having a pleasant mood and atmosphere at the school. We do not accept any form of discrimination or bullying regarding for example students’ ethnic heritage, religion or sexuality. We will also not tolerate any form of threats towards staff, students and models. Theft and other subversive activities are also not acceptable. Students who misbehaves according to what is stated above will immediately be suspended from all education and from the school’s facilities. Suspension will not result in the student being refunded their paid fees. Mariart is not responsible allergies regarding makeup, hair or products, rashes, asthma, breathing difficulties, back problems and so on during education. Mariart is also not responsible for valuables and lost belongings.


It can in rare cases it happens that Mariart has to change school facility, starting date or postpone a course/ education. Mariart strives to notify the student as quickly as possible. Mariart has the right to without warning make changes in regards to teachers, facilities, schedules, course material, costs, typos, as well as changes of study rules and the school’s internships.


All copyright, patents, construction and other immaterial rights regarding any course material which is used or is made available in our courses is owned by Mariart. Nothing of our course material is allowed to be copied, stored in a search system or transferred in any form or in any way, electronically, mechanically, by copying, recording or in other ways, or be translated to another language without having the written approval of Mariart


To be able to write course registration certificates, billings and administrate a course Mariart will collect personal and business information. To be able to provide as good education as possible Mariart will collect beforehand information about prior expertise, experience and expectations. In no way should this information be of confidential nature. Mariart will save this information for 20 years following the student graduating. This is so we can offer the student the possibility to copy documents of their grades and to contact them about relevant information regarding their education at Mariart. By signing up for the course the student will approve the conditions stated above. We will never give your personal information to a third party. The students approve that Mariart photographs them and their work during their education time for promotional purposes. The student also approves that Mariart will film the student during work such as serving as lesson model so as to be able to show other students and for promotional purposes. If the student does not approve of being photographed or filmed by Mariart, for example if the student is living with a protected identity, the student should notify us about this before the course start and Mariart will then adhere to this. The student can at any moment request Mariart to erase all the student’s records and information or to request a register of which information is stored.


The terms and conditions stated above is the entire agreement between all parties and will replace all previous discussions, correspondence and writings. Brochures and ads will only be used for informational purposes and is not supposed to be the basis of any agreement between Mariart and the recipient of our services. The terms and conditions can be changed without any beforehand notification and the changes will apply for all the notifications and educational orders after the date of the change. The terms and conditions will not be able to change without a written agreement which has been signed by a representative of Mariart. The agreement is between Mariart and the student.