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Mariart is controlled and certified by SEYF, the Swedish estheticians’ professional and trade association. SEYF is an independent trade association which supervises and regulates schools within the beauty trade.

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Every one of our courses includes pedagogically planned study material. This is something which you as a student will have great use of during education, home studies and after graduating.

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If you are not on the right track towards your examination and are lagging behind, Mariart will afford you assisting resources and extra lessons so you can catch up.

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We are always updating our education plan so as to always be able to offer education which adheres to the market demand of professional makeup artists and hair stylists.

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Should you not be able to attend classes due to illness or other serious hindrance you will be offered the chance of completing missed classes the next time we run your chosen course - free of charge. You will then be protected from potential increases of our course fees.

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All education and internships will be evaluated continually. In this way we will maximize what you get out of your education as a makeup artist and hair stylist.

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During your time as a student within our programs, you will have a liability insurance both at our school as well as during your internships.

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After graduating you will become a member at Mariart and you will always be welcome back for repetition or completion of your education. As an enrolled student you will enjoy a 40% discount on all products from Emité makeup’s adjacent store. Graduated students will have a 30% discount as long as they want.


Mariart collaborates with several large actors within the industry. Among others we can name Estée Lauder, Dior, TV4,group, SVT, Veckorevyn as our partners. We also cooperate with the major production companies within television and movies. Mariart has a good reputation and therefore has plenty of internships and job oppurtunities provided by our agency.  We can proudly boast that many of our students are offered work already during their education.

Examples of cooperative partners:

  • Beckmans Design School – utilizes our students for makeup and hair at their annual shows.

  • Stockholm Fashion Week – Employs Mariart’s students as well as our graduated makeup artists and hair stylists during the preparation at their fashion shows and exhibitions. Among others we get to provide our services for clothes brands and designers like Julien Fournie, Odd Molly, Tiger Of Sweden, Army Of Me.

  • TV4-group – A close working relationship with the TV4-group where Mariart’s students and graduated makeup artists and hair stylists get to work at events, casting and productions. For example, Idol and Let’s dance.

  • Estee Lauder group - Annual events with Estee Lauder and Smashbox. We also have many graduated students who after their education has worked with MAC, Smashbox, Estee Lauder, Clinique Bobbi Brown among others.

  • Veckorevyn – A close and rewarding collaboration where Mariart’s students get the opportunity to do makeup and hair styling for reportage and photo shoots.

Other collaborative partners:
Aftonbladet, Stockholmsgruppen, Top Model, Let´s Dance, X Factor, Idol, Glossybox, SVT, Fotbollsgalan, HM, Wella, Bröllopsguiden, Le Management, Panos Empirio, G-star Roygalan, Mr & Miss Universe Sweden, Miss Queen Of Scandinavia, Fröken sverige, Partaj, Baluba, Luciapokalen, Viking Line, Modeskolan Lumene, NYX, Youngblood, Veet, Smashbox, Livstycket, Acadermia, Attitude, UMG Fotoskolan STHLM, Peolple Partner,Tyngre Classic, Photowall, SKHLM and many more…

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Mariart is school which is not bound to any specific makeup brand. These means that we teach all different kinds of technique, not only those which are fitted to a specific brand. For us, it is important that you as a student is reinforced in your knowledge of general products, that you can understand the table of contents as well as the attributes and effects of different ingredients. Many doors will also be opened for future working opportunities because of you as a makeup artist not being bound to specific techniques associated with specific brands.

As a makeup artist student at Mariart you will though have a product package, primarily from EMITÉ MAKE UP, at your disposal. EMITÉ is quality assured and has been created for professional makeup artists. Besides the basic package, you as a student will et to work with others brands such as Estée Lauder, Smashbox, MAC, Bobbi Brown, Youngblood and many others.

Regardless if you in the future chooses to freelance, work in a store or a salon, you will have great use of knowing the different brands and their traits.

Adjacent to the school, connected to the building,  lies our Flagshipstore where we sell EMITÉ MAKE UP. As a student at our professional courses, you will be offered a 40% discount on EMITE MAKE UP’s entire product selection. After graduating, you will enjoy a standing 30% discount within your professional work. We view this as a service to you by supplying professional and adapted products of the highest quality. Studio adapted, highly pigmented, plant-derived, gentle to the skin and of course 100% cruelty free, are those characteristics which best describe EMITÉ MAKE UP.


Mariart is located at Hötorget/ Drottninggatan in central Stockholm. The school and the adjacent makeup store is situated in an extraordinary environment – right in the center of the city pulse and surrounded by Drottninggatan’s cafés, restaurants and shopping opportunities. The facilites are part of a building from in the 18th century and features a high internal roof and beautiful vaulted windows which gives you as a student a creative and roomy working environment.

By subway you will most easily reach us by stepping off at Hötorget station and walk up the stair as at Olof Palmes gata. If you choose to take the car there is a parking building called Svärdfisken which is directly connected to our facilities.

Our classroom is adapted for all types of educative exercises within makeup and hairstyling. The luxurious makeup stations are equipped with internal chargers for mobile phones and Ipads, and has appropriate lighting as well as thoughtfully planned working space.  As a student you will have access to kitchens that are equipped with all that you need.

Experience the contrast between the pulse of Drottninggatan and our lush and pleasant inner courtyard. You will feel at home here!

You are very welcome to visit us!


To ensure a good working enviroment for our instructors and students, we at Mariart will follow the environmental and health safety agency ´s guidelines and requirements regarding educational activities. An example of preemptive measures is our oversized ventilation system which always provides our facilities with fresh air and will dissipate volatile products such as powder and hair spray.

Our facilities are also well adapted regarding fire safety. We have more than enough emergency exits and fire equipment as well as emergency action plans in case of an accident. Everything has been adapted to give you as a student a working environment as safe and secure as possible.

At every location there is a height adjustable makeup chair readily available which is important to ensure a comfortable work position for your body. Every makeup station is also equipped with a large frontal mirror with a great dim-bar lighting adapted for makeup work.

You are very welcome to visit us


Firstly, I would like to say that we are happy that you’ve found us and want to wish you a happy welcome to Mariart’s makeup school. I will also tell you about the central pillars and principles that I and Mariart always want to adhere to;

Through all the years that we’ve run our educational program, we have learnt a lot. I would like to claim that in this present moment, we offer education within makeup and hairstyling which is of world class quality. I hope you will get this impression by reading about us and if you wish to visit us, we will show you exactly what we mean.

Now, I’d like to tell you about something which we’ve always have stood for, and what many of our graduated students can vouch for. We always aspire to create a pleasant and positive environment in our school. By always following our thoroughly crafted equal-treatment plan, and with our well-structured follow-up system, you will receive the resources that you as a person need and you will never risk falling between the cracks and being neglected.

Our pedagogical system and strategy is well documented for having results. All study material is available in both Swedish and English. This also makes it possible take part if you who are not well-accustomed to Swedish. Of course it is also our team of competent teachers and speakers who will give you all the skills you need to be a successful as a makeup artist and hair stylist!

At Mariart everyone is welcome and our work is adapted to your conditions and to your goals. We do not tolerate any form of bullying and discrimination. You will feel safe with us.

If you want more information or  want to ask something in particular you are very welcome to contact us and we will help you. You are of course very welcome to visit us.

With these written words I hope seeing you when you become a student at Mariart!



Maria Nyström


Mariart School of Makeup and Hair

Maria Nystrom Mariart