In collaboration with the business organization SEYF – Swedish Estheticians Professional Union/  Svenska Estetikers Yrkesförbund , Mariart validates people who want to work professionally within makeup and hair styling.

To be able to be validated at Mariart it is demanded that you have great experience within the profession.

Validation is suited for you which:

  • Have actively worked within makeup and/or hair styling during a longer period but lacks documentation in you being educated in the knowledge you possess.

  • Have a certificate or something akin to this from an education received by a different educator in Sweden or abroad and wants your knowledge to be adapted and documented in being equivalent to Mariart’s ceritified student’s educational quality.


Depending on your own wishes and goals regarding the validation, we have different steps to offer you. Much is dependent on which type of education or experience you already have. After completed and approved validation, we will document your knowledge in an adapted format.

Contact us so we can give you the correct information about your situation in particular.

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