Maria Nyström serves as headmistress at Mariart’s education and course activities. She started her career within a worldwide cosmetics group where she among other things was in charge of internal education in Sweden. In 2002 she founded Mariart School of Makeup & Hair and she has since been working on delivering the best possible conditions for qualified education within the makeup artist profession. Maria is also working with product development and is a representative makeup artist at EMITE MAKE UP.

After many years as a freelancing makeup artist Maria has acquired a broad spanning web of contacts within the beauty business. Through this web she has connected public speakers, suitable internship locations and a large number of photographers to Mariart’s educative activities. This affords the enrolled students the great benefit of immediately being taught and working with professionals. Graduated students will also receive great prospects by this collaboration by them early on in their careers acquiring a web of professional contacts. To stay updated on what is happening within the industry Maria will visit exhibitions, events, public speaking and foreign education programs within the industry. This means that Mariart School of Makeup & Hair is always being updated according to new techniques and trends within makeup and hairstyling.


So you as student shall receive the best possible education every teacher at Mariart School of Makeup & Hair will have many years of professional experience as makeup artist and hair stylist. Every teacher will also be freelance working apart from their teaching job. This is primarily so you as a student will receive knowledge that is updated and cutting edge. We have a wide-ranging team of teachers and you will be taught by many different teachers with their specific ability and proficiency being the theme. In that way we will cover all the aspects and parts which you need to succeed within the industry.

At Mariart’s professional courses every students will have a main teacher which we will responsible for the students personal progress, follow-ups, allocating internships and more. The student can always turn to their main teacher for questions, ideas and thoughts. During your education we will continually have an anonymous evaluation of the teachers. The evaluation has showed that our teachers deliver a high quality in both education and conduct.



Mikael’s primary area of expertise lies within makeup and hairstyling for TV-productions. In his work at SVT he gets to meet plenty of interesting persons both in front of and behind the camera. Most of his work will be done in the TV-studio, everything from doing makeup for the news show to big entertainment productions such as Idol , Breaking News, Gissa Låten, Årets Retro among others. Variation is the part of the profession which is particularly appealing to Mikael.

Working professionally as a makeup and hair stylist is something which has been attained gradually. At first it was only a hobby whereas nowadays being his profession where he is freelancing and making a living of out it. Mikael has always been drawn to the creative work and is always in search of new challenges. Besides his work in TV he also works within photography, commercials, music videos and short films.

- The greatest reward for me is meeting all those interesting people at different prpduction both in front of and behind the camera. It is this, combined with the variation of my assignments, that makes me love my job. At my lessons you will learn everything you need to know about TV and shoots. I will give you all the best advices I have to give regarding the industry.

See you at Mariart!


mariart teacher
makeup teacher



Sandra’s passion and orientation is Special effects and character. Her freelance work is mostly within commercials, fashion and film productions as well as sculpturing and die casting, both in Sweden and abroad. Sandra was educated as a makeup artist at Mariart and early on had her goals set. It was movies and character which attracted her the most. After this, she chose to seek more knowledge about these fields and was further educated in Hollywood at Cinema Makeup School as well as at Val Garland. Today, Sandra has a fantastic career where she gets the opportunity to work with that which she loves most. 

When Sandra is not abroad and traveling in her work she is freelancing for among others TV3, Let´s dance, SVT and Hänt Bild. Many actors and artists have sat in her makeup chair such as Christine Meltzer, Dragomir Mrsic, Markoolio, Claes Malmberg, Birkan Tore, Victor Åkerblom, Björn Bengtsson and many more.

It has been my dream ever since I was a child and it feels absolutely fantastic to be able to work with what I do. Everything from preparing a camera to something creative for a Catwalk. Or that which I find most fun….creating characters like mermaids, werewolves, vampires and ogres.

At my lessons I will share my invaluable knowledge from my time in Hollywood as well frim my own freelance career. I will do everything to inspire and awake the students’ creativity. We will together be creating believable film effects and characters which will look real and authentic.
The magic starts here....

Welcome to the Mariart family!


makeup for stage
makeup artist movie work



Anna´s interest for makeup have always been there. Early on she noticed that through makeup, she found expression for her creativity. She loved the transformation, to create and refashion. To study to become a makeup & hair stylist was an obvious choice for her and the opportunity to work with her greatest interest felt fantastic. Anna’s career began at Mariart. Her talent, drive and sense of purpose and goals helped her to in a very short time span create a broad web of contacts and a successful career as a freelancing makeup & hair stylist.

After a time as a freelancing makeup artist Anna felt that she had a special affinity for character and movie effects. The idea of taking the next step felt entirely right. She traveled to Los Angeles and trained herself further at Cinema Makeup School – with movies as her primary orientation.

Today Anna is freelancing primarily with movie productions. She commands every aspect within makeup but has specialized herself to work within movies.  Her resume is an extensive one. In Anna’s makeup chair, many well-known people have found themselves sitting. For example, Björn Gustafsson, Dragomir Mrsic, Henrik Norlén, Mari Jungstedt, Tanja Lorentzon, Sarah Sjöström among others.

I love my work. To be able to work with something which your heart burns for is life quality for me. The benefit of also having the opportunity of teaching my knowledge and experiences on to others is very fulfilling and invigorating. To be able to shape a makeup artist in the beginning of their journey and to see their development is fantastic. My goal is that all my students shall become the very best!

I hope we meet!


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makeup work film
film work makeup



Mari is a creative artist to the very fullest. It is the craftmanship which is her driving force. Mari was educated as a Makeup & Hair stylist at Mariart and after many years of freelancing she has created for herself a successful career. Mari has a wide range of knowledge at her disposal with many merits within fashion, advertisement and TV. Her resume is extensive and she has worked with many big productions and artists such as Carola Häggkvist, Måns Zelmerlöw, Izabella Scorupco, Caroline Winberg, Adam Tensta to name a few. Her passion for teacher makes her an attentive and meticulous teacher as much as within hair styling as she is within makeup and she gladly bring her students to her own work assignments. As an educator Mari is known to be inspiring, attentive and warm as a person. She has is clear and explicit in her educational approach where problems can be fixed, and nothing is too difficult.  Mari is also educated as a fashion designer at the university in Borås (BA Fashion Design). Her clothes have been displayed at fashion weeks in Stockholm, Copenhagen and London. To combine these professions is something which Mari finds to be highly beneficial as seeing the bigger picture is always important.

-  To be able to work professionally with your greatest passion is something which I view as a tremendous asset and the one who can make it a reality is yourself. My ambition is that all my students shall understand the value of good craftmanship and find happiness and challenges. I want to inspire them to understand what one can achieve if you master your profession. Welcome!


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Mia Adam is a Makeup Artist based in Stockholm. Besides her freelance career she also works as a DJ. Her career within makeup began 10 years ago and her work has varied greatly as she have lend her services to big productions within advertising, fashion shows, magazines, music videos and weddings and other big occasions for private individuals and celebrities.

A couple of years ago, Mia got in touch with Emité Make Up and immediately fell in love with Emité´s mineral powder. EMU Mineral became the one product which she could not live without! She began trying out more and more products from the selection and soon after decided to contact Emité for a possible collaboration. Today she is one of Emité’s ambassadors and teachers at Mariart School of Make up and Hair.

- To every day meet new people in new environments where one can perform creative services is super fun! To be able to teach students that burn for the same things as I is a privilege! I look forward to seeing you at Mariart!


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special effects makeup artists



Heros passion är skönhet. Hon jobbar full tid som makeup artist, hårstylist, fransstylist samt frisör. Hennes breda kunskap, konstnärliga läggning och många år i branschen gör henne till en fantastisk inspirationskälla. Hero har valt att nischa sig inom bröllop, bal och fest. Det är hennes störta passion och hennes kunder häpnas alltid över förvandlingen hon skapar. Är det någon som har känsla för lyx och flärd så är det hon.

Vid sidan av alla bröllopsuppdrag  och sin lärartjänst driver hon sin egna skönhetssalong. På sin salong erbjuder hon bland annat fransstylistutbildningar och kortare kurser inom makeup. Hero har även designat och utvecklat en helt egen lösögonfrans-serie, speciellt framtagen för att matcha och passa alla olika ögonformer.

Heros lättförståeliga pedagogik tillsammans med hennes sprudlande personlighet gör henne till en älskad och mycket uppskattad lärare hos oss.  

- Jag älskar mitt jobb och variationen den ger. Att få undervisa och dela med mig av mina hemliga knep är så givande. Det är så roligt att få jobba tillsammans med alla underbara elever och se hur de brinner för samma sak som jag och hur de häpnas över en förvandling och vad rätta skuggor kan göra.

Att dessutom dela med mig hur man driver egen salong ser jag också som en stor fördel för eleverna.

Jag hoppas vi ses på Mariart!





Sandy comes from a musical background with a love for beauty and makeup. She was educated as a makeup artist in Denmark and has since created an international career for herself as a freelancing makeup artist. Sandy have many years of experience where she among other things has worked with designers such as Cloe, Mau maue, Evangard, Marana Birger, Baum und Pferdgarten among others.

Besides her freelance career, Sandy is one of the creators of Black Vogue SV, a beauty forum for black women. Sandy has an exuberant charisma and is a beacon of happiness. Nothing is too difficult, and she instills strength, courage, and a lot of knowledge to the students.

-  My passion for educating is something I found when I educated personnel for the makeup brand MAC and to later being able to teach at Sweden’s best makeup school felt entirely right for me. At my lessons we will work a lot with knowledge of colors and technique. To be able to makeup anyone regardless of skin tone is of outmost importance!

A warm welcome to you who wants to be with us at Mariart!





Madelene works full time as a theatrical makeup artist within film productions, theater and advertising. She has had a long and substantial career and has lots of experience to share to our students. Madelene´s resumé is extensive. She has worked with movies/TV such as Monika Z, Snabba cash and Äkta människor and advertisers such as Nivea, Loka, Kungsörnen, among others.

To be able to share my entire experience within movies and TV is to me very fun and rewarding.  Being a theatrical makeup artist differs quite a lot from a typical makeup artist-career, so it is important that the students get to take in this aspect as well. To work with film teams and shoots is incredibly fun and I feel that the students get more motivated to seek out these things after my lectures.