A detailed walk-through combined with practical exercises gives the absolute best results. To ensure that you as a student Is provided with all necessary knowledge it is important that the lessons are conducted correctly. Everything must be instructed in the right order and the student’s work must be examined and assessed continually. In this way we will minimize learning mistakes which will be hard to correct afterwards. The teachers will be in the lecture hall during the entire lesson and guide and help the students achieve desired results.


The lesson usually starts with a walkthrough of the technique which will be practiced during the seminar. The teachers will then illustrate step by step, using a model, the right technique for the different segments of the process as well which products and tools that are appropriate to the task at hand. Our education is based on divided segments where yesterday’s lesson is woven in to the current day’s lesson which affords the student a natural repetition and reaffirms knowledge and proficiency in a logical and pedagogical manner. During the walkthrough it is important that you make accurate notations.


After the walkthrough it is time for practical exercises. Usually, you as a student will choose if you want to book a model for the lesson or if you want to practice on a classmate.  For some students, booking models feels tricky and cumbersome and so we will offer the opportunity for students to practice on each other. For those students who wish to makeup and style on a model, we have a wide register of models which can be booked for your class. Of course, your friends and family are also very welcome to participate as models.

If you do not have a model to work with you will practice on your afforded hair doll.

make up school in stockholm

Your results and accomplishments at the lessons will be noted and assessed continuously. The teachers will write down what you did good and what you need to practice further and will brief you on this afterwards. With these notations, we will have good resources to coach you in the best way possible. The teachers are there for you and can easily afford you additional resources if you need it. 


In every one of our courses, a very neat and educative makeup book/hairstylist book will be included. With the book’s creative pictures and informative text, you will find a pedagogical and easily understood summary of your entire education. The books are available both in Swedish and English.


During the last week of  your makeup-artist education, you will be working with assembling your portfolio. This will entail both preparatory and performative work. We will educate you in how to best assemble your portfolio and what it should contain. Before and during the photoshoots for your portfolio, you will work with professional photographers and model agencies. This will afford you with invaluable knowledge in how the industry works.

study for makeup artistery

We will also work with you in creating your own individual CV. With your assembled certification document, CV and your newly initiated portfolio, you will have the best possible resources and pre-qualifications for succeeding in the business of your chosen craft.