Exciting and educational internship work combined with teacher-led classes are very important for a good and beneficial education.  All intern work will be supplied by Mariart’s agency and will lead directly to working in the professional business. We have high standards regarding the type of internship work which our makeup artists and hairstylists will be offered. We have 3 demands: internship work shall give experience, contacts and portfolio pictures. In some cases, the students will also be paid as interns.

Mariart has close working relationships with several large actors within the business, such as Estée Lauder, Dior, TV4,group, SVT, Vecko Revyn, Fashion Week, among others.

We also work with the larger production companies within TV and movies. This will of course benefit our makeup artists and hair stylists during their education but also after their examination. Many of our intern jobs will lead directly to professional work. We can proudly boast that many of our students are offered work already during their education.

Because of Mariart's good reputation within the industry we always have plenty of internships and work to offer. Our partners and customers always come back to us and they are more than happy with our students’ performance.

internships for makeup artist

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