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Below you will find the information of what you, as a student, will agree to during your first day at the makeup artist education. This info will be here as a resource for you during your whole education. These are rules and guidelines for you and your fellow students - so as to give you the best possible experience & progress during your time with us at Mariart.

General info:

Time schedule

8.50 AM – The school opens – before this no one gets in.

9.00 AM – The lesson starts – obligatory pick up of workstations.

9.10 AM – Walkthrough commences.

The length of the walkthrough is written in your personal schedule – here you will also find the time for booking a lesson model.

After the walkthrough the teacher will have a 10 minute break.

Notifying us when you are sick

Is always made to the store phone (076-315 85 19) by SMS/Mobile text message, before(!) the lesson. Do not forget to write your name. You should also write us by text/SMS if you expect to show up late for class.

Attention! We cannot always respond to these texts. We can also not answer if you call. When you are late or ill, only SMS/Text Message is valid.

Taking responsibility for your studies

This is an adult education. You are here because you want to succeed and want to pay money for your time here. We expect you to take your own responsibility for your own learning and for succeeding the course. If you choose not to attend the lessons or if you are misusing your time at the school, this is up to you, but then you risk not getting your certificate.

We who work at the school take great pride in our work and will do everything we can to make you as talented in the field of makeup/hair as possible. Homework, model booking and practicing are things we will discuss and give to you regularly and consistently, but it is of course up to each one you if you want to receive it. If you do not want to do the homework we provide, it is OK, but we do everything here for a reason.

The more time you spend training your skills the more you will have been rewarded at the end of the course. This is an education where no previous knowledge is needed. If you have a lot of experience already and feel secure in some parts of the course, we still want to see you do these tasks and that the teacher gives you feedback on this. It is good however that you notify the teacher beforehand that this is a part you already know so the teacher can adhere to this. You can then do the task quicker and thus do extra tasks to push yourself to the next level. It is important that you have a dialog with the head of education and the teacher so we can help you in particular develop your skills in the best way possible. We want to know what you in particular need to progress – if this is what you want.

Being on time and catching up when you miss class

It is very important to get in touch with us if you arrive late for class. If you are late, it is one's own responsibility to catch up and learn what you missed, and this is done after the review. The teacher cannot retell what has just been said, this would be very impractical for one's comrades who have been on time. Keep in mind to show respect for your classmates by being on time as your lateness will disturb others. We recommend that you do your best, for your own sake, to be in time as you otherwise will miss important information. If you are often late this will affect your obligatory attendance percentage .

Try to be at school 8.50 AM at the latest so you have a safety margin for potential delays. We can unfortunately not let students in before 8.30 AM as we will be cleaning the facility and doing other things which cannot be done if other people are there.

Course & lesson attendance

To graduate after the course and get your certificate - 90% attendance is required. If you are away more than 10% - you have to retake these lessons to get your certificate. This is because we want to ensure that you leave our school with all the knowledge and skills you need to work as a makeup artist or as a hair stylist. We will record your attendance but it is also important for you to keep track of which lessons you have missed.

If your attendance level is too low you can retake these parts of the course with practical makeup. This will only apply for whole makeups and not for a few selected basic techniques.  Lessons where w have a lot of theory or where we teach you a fundamental technique which is needed for the rest of the course will be difficult to recover this crucial knowledge later.  If your attendance are too low to recover these missed lessons we will unfortunetely no be able to give you a certificate. You will then need to retake these lesson the nesxt time we do this course.


It is NOT possible for you to leave bags or other possessions and belongings at our school. This is because the insurance which Mariart has does not cover the students personal possesions and makeup /hair kits. Many insurance companies would not accept that you have left your belongings in the working facilities where customers and many other people are visitng.  We cannot be responsible for these belongnings because we have a connected store which is open even when the school is closed. We also have additional courses and lectures outside of the regular course. 

This also means that you cannot wash your brushes at our facilities as transporting those while they are wet will probably ruin them. It is also important that you take your products and tools with you home so you can practice outside of school. This is also an important part of your education as this will affect and speed up your progress.


In case of a fire goes everyone should head for the nearest exit. In this case every student takes care of their own model. We make sure that all students are out. Meeting Place – Intersection Drottninggatan/Olof Palmes Gata outside Espresso House.

Outside shoes and inside shoes/slippers

It is important that you not use your walking shoes inside the school. We instead recommend slippers. This is both due to the so called “Ytterskoförbud” in lecture halls but you will also be standing up a lot during course and not wearing shoes during the class will be more beneficial for your bodies in the long run.

You take off your walking shoes at the spiral stair case; carry them up to the attic/loft where you take off your outerwear. You could wear your slippers from then on if you have them in your bag. No outside /walking shoes are allowed in the staircase of the loft. The soft slippers are for models only.


Everyone at the school shares the same kitchen and for everyone's comfort it is important that all help collectively with keeping the pantry and kitchen clean and tidy.


Everyone cleans up after themselves and washes their own dishes as well as their model's dishes. Make sure the dish washer or kitchen sink is fully clean - without any leftovers or  lipstick/lipshine on them before placing these to dry. We will from the very start have "dish washing weeks" which will be equally distributed/ alloted to all students and every student will have one week during the course. This does NOT mean that the students who are responsible for that week should do all the dishes! Those who have the "dish washing week"  are responsible for checking that the kitchen looks nice and tidy each day before the students leave the school. If there is any remaining dirty dishes, those who know that they have left it there will wash their own dishes. Everyone should still wash their own dishes and take care of their own things.

In the kitchen there is a large garbage bin. If a garbage bag is not within the bin please notify our staff immediately and they will bring a new bag. Do not throw anything in the garbage bin without a bag. Should coffee beans, milk or anything else which the school provides be on the verge of running out, or if it already has done so, it would be nice if you would inform the staff about this.

Refrigerator / Pantry

Everything set in the refrigerator must be labelled with the name and date when it was placed inside it. There is a marker pen beside the refrigerator. There are also special shelves marked in the refrigerator for you students.

Those shelves where it does not say "staff or school/ personal/skolan" are for the students to use. In the right cupboard under the microwave there is space for students to keep their dry groceries - these must also be marked with the student's name. We will clean the cupboards from groceries from time to time, you will get notified about this.


We have a scheduled lunch at school. This is also so the teacher can eat lunch. If you as a student wants to take a shorter lunch and work during the lunch break you are free to do so. This will however not be supervised by a teacher.

As we have more theory in the beginning the days can look a bit different and the lunch will not always be at the same time every day. If the lunch is eaten during school hours you can eat outdoors, at the attic, in the kitchen in the inner courtyard or in the lesson hall if no practical work or teaching is being done there. You absolutely cannot eat in the lesson hall during the leson.

Try to go outdoors during the break and get some fresh air and move your body  - this will be good for you.

Coffee machine

We have a coffee machine for everyone's disposal. You are welcome to use it if you wish. It is, however important for your own well-being and for everyone that it is not over-consumed. If you know that you are a huge coffee drinker, you can unfortunately not go and take 10 cups per day. Otherwise there will not be any coffee left. Tea is also available. Milk to your coffee is in the fridge-but the same thing applies there. The milk is just there in order for you to have a dash of milk in your coffee. Do not drink a glass of milk because you like milk.

Emergency exit

The door to inner courtyard is also an emergency exit in case something would happen. It is important that nothing be placed, be it shoes, bags or stools, within the marked space in front of the door.

Hanging the model's outerwear

The model's jacket and shoes will be hanged and placed in the kitchen. It is important that they take off their shoes in front of the matt before the stairs, where they get to put on indoors shoes or blue shoe covers. They will then get to carry their shoes and place them beside the clothes hanger where they can hang their jacket. The models cannot in any circumstance have large bags or their jackets at the work station - this is because they risk getting stolen and that they take up space. 

Attic/ “Loft”:

Hanging your outerwear

Removing your outerwear Jackets, outside shoes and larger bags should always be hung up at the attic/“loft” behind the curtains. No outerwear or suitcases/ bags can be stored in the class room or kitchen.Place your traveling luggage in the marked space - shoes and indoors shoes shall not be placed there.

The cupboards in the loft are only for the staff. Smaller bag with valuables can be stored in the classroom at your workstation. It is important that your outdoor shoes are taken off below the stairs and carried up to the attic.


The store is open 10.00-18.00. This also applies to you students. If you need to buy something, this can only be done during the store's open hours.

The payment options we accept is card, cash as well as bills through Klarna. No products can be borrowed from the store for educational purposes.