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Below you will find the information of what you, as a student, will agree to during your first day at the makeup artist education. This info will be here as a resource for you during your whole education. These are rules and guidelines for you and your fellow students - so as to give you the best possible experience & progress during your time with us at Mariart.

General info:

Time schedule

8.50 AM – The school opens – before this no one gets in.

9.00 AM – The lesson starts – obligatory pick up of workstations.

9.10 AM – Walkthrough commences.

The length of the walkthrough is written in your personal schedule.

After the walkthrough the teacher will have a 10 minute break.

Taking responsibility for your studies

This is an adult education. You are here because you want to succeed and want to pay money for your time here. We expect you to take your own responsibility for your own learning and for succeeding the course. If you choose not to attend the lessons or if you are misusing your time at the school, this is up to you, but then you risk not getting your certificate.

We who work at the school take great pride in our work and will do everything we can to make you as talented a makeup artist/stylist as possible. Homework and practice excerssices are available in the portal and is voluntary to take part of.

This is an education where no previous knowledge is needed. If you have a lot of experience already and feel secure in particular aspects of the course, we still want to see you do these tasks so the teacher can give you feedback. It is good however that you notify the teacher beforehand you already know so the teacher can adhere to this and give you additional tasks to push yourself to the next level. It is important that you have a dialog with the head of education and the teacher so we can help and inspire you.

Being on time and catching up when you miss class

It is very important to get in touch with us if you arrive late for class. When you arrive late you disturb the lessons and important information may be lost.

Course & lesson attendance

To graduate after the course and get your certificate - 90% attendance is required. If you are away more than 10% - you have to retake these lessons. Internships will not count as missed lessons. This is for your own sake and to ensure your skills and knowledge when taking on future jobs within Mariart’s agency’s job pool. Please write down your attendance.

You are always welcome to the upcoming makeup group to retake missed lessons.


It is also important that you take your products and tools with you home so you can practice outside of school and take on internships on short notice. Mariart is not responsible for the student’s left behind makeup kits.


In case of a fire goes everyone should head for the nearest exit. Meeting Place – Intersection Drottninggatan/Olof Palmes Gata outside Espresso House.

Indoor shoes

Only indoor shoes will be used inside the facilities. Please take of your outdoor shoes when going to the attic so we can more easily keep our floors clean. You should wear feet friendly slippers which relieves your back and knees.


Everyone at the school shares the same kitchen and for everyones’s well being it is important that we work together to keep it neat and clean. Wipe the bench and table after having used it and throw away old food in the refrigerator. Food and drinks should be labeled with names.

Everyone cleans up after themselves and washes their own dishes as well as their model's dishes.

In the cupboard under the microwave there is space for student’s to store their dry food - these must also be labeled with your names.


We have a scheduled lunch at school. This is also so the teacher can eat lunch. If you want to take a shorter lunch to do makeup you are free to do so. This will however not be supervised by a teacher.

You are free to eat your lunch in the kitchen or the inner courtyard. Note that it is forbidden to smoke at the courtyard. You can also eat in the classroom if no practical work or teaching is being done there.

For hygeanic reasons we will not eat in the classroom during walkwthroughs or makeup time. Waterbottles are allowed.

Coffee machine

We offer coffee and tea for free to all students, models and customers. Milk for your coffee and tea is in the refrigerator.

Emergency exit

The door to inner courtyard is also an emergency exit. It is important that nothing be placed, be it shoes, bags or stools, within the marked space in front of the door.

Hanging the model's outerwear

The model's jackets, bags and shoes will be hanged in the kitchen. The models will use slippers they’ve borrowed from us alternatively plastic bags/cases for shoes. We would prefer that model’s do not have their bags or jackets at the makeup stations.


Hanging your outerwear

Student’s jackets, outdoor shoes and larger bags should always be hanged at the attic/“loft” behind the curtains. No outerwear or suitcases/ bags can be stored in the class room or kitchen. Place your traveling luggage in the marked space - shoes and indoors shoes shall not be placed there.

Smaller bag with valuables can be stored in the classroom under your workstation. It is important that your outdoor shoes are taken off below the stairs and carried up to the attic.


The store is open Monday - Friday between 10.00-18.00.

The payment options we accept is card, cash as well as bills through Klarna. No products can be borrowed from the store for educational purposes.



Cellphones should during the school day be kept in silent mode. Possible calls should be taken inside the store. This is to not disturb education.
Phone calls during the walkthroughs should be avoided.


Try to avoid disturbing noises such as signals from your phone, scraping chairs and needless chatting. This is because of the position of the camera during livestreams. The camera is sensitive and takes up all surrounding sound.


It is important to make notes during the lesson walkthroughs. Allthough you learn the most by watching it can be difficult to remember everything the teacher says. Notations are also good to keep close at hand when doing practical work and excerssises.
Make notes with pen and paper.


Please take with you a camera or a cellphone to take pictures with. Please post pictures on social media to market yourselves. Make sure beforehand though that everyone in the picture is okey with this. It is also a good resource for tracking your own progression.

Cleaning your work station

After the day’s lesson the workbench should allways be wiped clean. Rags and cleaning spray are available in the classroom under the sink. Also check if the floor under your makeup chair is clean. Collect cotton budsm hair and so on and throw it in the trash can alternatively in the trash bag you brought with you. You will work at different stations every day so it is important that you leave it in the same state you found it. (You should not wipe the mirrors, the staff will do this).

In your bag you should always have a small roll of 2 liter bags or dogpoo bags (these are best as they are black and have handles which can be tied around your brush belt). These bags ar perfect for throwing trash in.

Fatty makeup

Tools and above all else palletes with fatty makeup must be wiped off with a piece of paper before they are washed. Otherwise the sink will be clogged and the dish-brush/sponge will become needlessly dirty and more difficult to clean with for the next person.


We do not drink coffee or tea in the classroom. (With exception for the model who will get a cup of coffee/tea if they want). This applies bot during walkthroughs and work in the classroom. During walkthroughs your focus should be on taking notes. There should not be coffee cups/ glasses on the floor as these can easily spill out. If you need to drink something we reccomend bringing a waterbottle. During practical work your work station should be kept as hygienic and clean as possible. If you need a break for eating something it will be taken in the kitchen or at the inner courtyard.


Always read the current pages in the course book before every lesson, this is so you can get the most out of the walkthrough, be better atuned and take in the information more easily. Allso do a search on Google/Pinterest to prepare for the lessons where makeup will be performed.
It will be more fun for you if you are inspired and have your own ideas when doing makeup.


Personal hygiene

Think about your own hygiene. You will represent yourselves as makeup artists/ hair stylists and need to adhere to a proffesional level during your education. Clean nails, mild but fresh scent. Avoid strong perfumes as some can be sensitive to scents.


Smoking during work hours we of course recommend you to avoid. If you really must smoke think about the following:

  • Do not smoke shortly before working professionally with a customer/model.

  • Hold your cigarette in the hand which you do not apply makeup with (right handed - smoke with the left hand)

  • Use a plastic glove on the hand you smoke with.

  • Mint tablet - always, especially if you are a smoker!

  • Wash you hands thouroghly before working with your model. Hand disinfection with a lemon scent is reccomended.

  • Do not smoke wearing the clothes which you work in - wear a jacket or sweather over them which you then remove,

In the school we have a prohibition against chewing gum - we recommend to continue with this during proffesional work in your career. Chewing gums is perceived as unprofessional and nonchalant. If you want to feel fresh in your mouth take a mint tablet/ cough drop. This also applies to our walkthroughs.

Work clothes

As a makeup artist the dress code will most often be be black - this also applies during internships. This is to not disturb possible lighting work among other things. In the school you can of course wear other colours. But keep in mind that you will already now assume your role as a makeup artist/ hair stylist.

  • During internships you should always wear black clothes as well as your work kimono if nothing else is stated.

  • Comfortable work shoes is recommended. You will be standing up alot.

Borrowing products

The school will only lend out products from Emité Cosmetics which you have not received in your product package. It is important that you always ask the teacher regarding tools/products etc. that you want to borrow.

If you want to borrow a brush which you have not received in your kit this is of course allright. You should then tell your teacher which brush you want to try out. The brush should be returned to the teacher thoroughly cleaned. If somebody else wants to borrow the same brush afterward this must be told to the teacher. Your brushes should always be washed at home after your school day. This is because they are sensitive to being transported wet.

Product kit

When you are given your product kit you will make an inventory of it’s contents together with a teacher. Products as well as the right amount will be approved the same day by not notifying about any errors during the inventory.

Labeling your Product kit

You will al receive the same products in your product package. It is therefore important that you label everything in your bag, brushes, work kimono, cape, tools, and products. This is to always keep track on which things are yours if it gets lost at the school.

Always lable your products and tools with an original marking - it’s not recommended to just do a red dot with a lip stick as this is the most obvious move.

To work on each other as models

Persons learn in different ways and in varying pace. This should be respected. When you sit down as a model for someone else it is important that you let your classmates work in their on manner and pace. You should not comment and correct what the classmate does.

We always respect each others time when applying makeup on each other! You should share the time equally. At every makeup station there is a clock. Use it to keep time.


Lesson models/ alternatively doing makeup on each other

Here at the school you will either do makeup on a booked model alternatively on your classmates - two and two or in a group of three if the class is uneven in number.
Make sure to not do makeup on the same person each day. Try to do makeup on evryone in the class. Thos will give the best training and variation.

Do not work on yourself

We avoid as much as we can to do makeup on ourselves. This is because it is a huge difference between doing makeup on your own face as opposed to somebody else’s face. It is often best to divide your time equally on three persons if there is an uneven amount of students attending class as you will learn more from this anyway. The teacher will make exceptions.

As many different faces as possible

It is good to practice on as many different faces and skin types as possible. If you have a model that can be with you for an entire week it will be an advantage to trade them with each other. Please help each other, it is easy by always asking your models if they want to bring a friend which your classmate can do makeup on - this is often a fun and appreciated experience.

Book a model

It is many times easier to book a lesson model than you think. If you only take time to do it. You will also get som training in social connections.

Please stay after finished lessons to book models for upcoming lessons, please use the school’s model folder. The folder is full of persons which have voluntary signed up to sit as a lesson model.

Here are som tips:

  • Ask on the street - easier and more fun than you think

  • Ask friends, acquaintances and family

  • Social media is a superb tool for this

  • Ask friends and acquaintances to ask their friends - ask them to also share your posts on Facebook.

  • Model for the lesson “Mature skin/ mogen hud” - contact retirement homes

  • Model for the lesson “Mörk hy/ dark skin” - go to afro salons and create connections. Afro salons usually has a wide net of connections within their area.

Contact info - Models

It is important that the model has a phone number and name in case they need to cancel or have other questions. It is also important so you can contact them.

The models you book should always recieve a warm welcome at Mariart. They will sit as a model for a long time so make sure that they have something to drink. Tell your models that they get to tell you if they need to stretch their legs or go to the toilet.

Your model should always be offered a cup of coffe, tea or water.

Always accompany your model to the store

When the model is finished with their assistance we want you to show them around in the store and walk them through the products which you have used. It is nice for the model and you will at the same time practice consultation and salesmanship. The shop staff will of course be there to help if you have questions or if you need to return to the classroom for assembly.

The models should always check out from the facilities at the shop’s cashier. You do not need to be there for that, just drop off your model and leave them to the sales staff. This is so we can ask all models if they would like to sit down as models again.

Discount! Models have a 30% discount on everything in the store at the time of helping us out. It is always nice to remind this to people!


Not obligatory but recommended

We recommend everyone to be available for as much internship as possible. This is not a demand but it is very beneficial, both educationally and for future connections. How much internship which you is entirely dependent on how many opportunities we recieve during your term. It is not only during your education though that we offer internship, we will also continue to offer you different types of internship and commissions via Mariart’s agency.

Allocation - how much - who gets to go where?

Allocation - internship schedule - we will document every internship and distribute those as equally as possible. We try to do an even distribution when it comes to both the number of internships and types.

Payment - internship is something which normally do not generate payment, you do them to get experience, create connections and develop your skills. In some cases you can be given pictures for your portfolio, products, gift cards and so on.

Internships should always be viewed as real jobs even if they are unpaid. The student we send on an internship must be able to represent the school and themselves as a Makeup artist/stylist. View Mariart as an agency for your future jobs - to show determination and what you can perform is always good.


In the end of your education you will perform your practical exams. You will receive more information regarding this during the education.

Retakes - The practical exam must be passed to become certified. Should one not be approved on the exams different parts you can retake this exam at the upcoming course term.

Think about:

On Mariart everyone is of equal worth and everyone should be treated with respect. We take bullying and condescending comments. It is important that everyone feels safe at the school and that everyone can go through their education pleasantly and have fun.

We look on differences between people as a plus and everyone are equally welcome. We also appreciate sincerity and good communication.

It is important that everyone notifies the staff or the administration at the school if they are not having a good time or feel badly treated. So we can help everyone in the best way possible this communication is important. We need all information so we can make your education as great as possible.