The Makeup stylist course is suited for you who wishes to work with makeup within fashion, weddings, salons or in stores.

The course is also a perfect complement for you as a hairdresser, skin esthetician or nail esthetician.

The primary focus lies within beauty, fashion and consultation, in contrast to Mariart’s wider makeup artist education where additional knowledge within TV, special effects, character and creative makeup is included.

If you in the future wish to be further educated as a makeup artist you will be able to be supplement with those remaining lessons.   


In the education we include a makeup bag containing makeup and tools of an estimated worth of 2000 euro.

During your education you will receive a 30% business discount on EMITEÉ MAKE UP’s product catalog. You will also keep this discount after completed education for as long as you want to. You will also be able to enjoy extra offers besides your business discount.


We will teach you the fundamentals within makeup, work hygiene, color theory, skin care as well as knowledge of products and tools. You will also be educated in handling customers and ergonomics. 

In addition to this, we will give you a varied lesson content regarding the makeup techniques which are needed for giving as a student a good platform of knowledge. This will mae your working days easier when you become a professional regardless of which path you will choose.

The course plan has been meticulously crafted and contains all the knowledge you need for working in a store or a salon. 


During your education you will be offered internships. The internships are adapted according to the content of your education. Exciting and educational internship work combined with teacher-led classes are very important for a good and rewarding education.  All intern work will be supplied by Mariart’s agency and will lead directly to working in the professional business. We have high standards regarding the type of internship work which our makeup artists and hairstylists will be offered.  They shall lead to experience and contacts within the industry. In some cases, the students will also be paid as interns.

Mariart has close working relationships with several large actors within the business, such as Estée Lauder, Dior, TV4-group, SVT, Vecko Revyn, Fashion Week, among others.

We also work with the larger production companies within TV and movies. This will of course benefit our makeup artists and hair stylists during their education but also after their examination. Many of our intern jobs will lead directly to professional work. We can proudly boast that many of our students are offered work already during their education.


Usually, you as a student will choose if you want to book a model for the lesson or if you want to practice on a classmate.  For some students, booking models feels tricky and cumbersome and so we will offer the opportunity for students to practice on each other or style their afforded hair doll.

For those students who wish to makeup and style on a model, we have a wide register of models which can be booked for your class. Of course, your friends and family are also very welcome to sit as a model.

For you who attends these lessons you will also be able to apply makeup on yourself during class.

After having completed your education you will be given a diploma and will then be internationally certified as a makeup stylist.

After completed education you will be part of Mariart’s agency. At our agency you have the possibility of being assisted and supported with assignments and work.



  • Study guidance
  • Basic skin care
  • Product information/ knowledge of materials
  • The effect of products and their area of usage
  • Material and tool maintenance
  • Hygiene
  • Ergonomics
  • Consultation/ customer treatment/handling
  • Application technique
  • Shadow technique
  • Contouring
  • Strobing
  • Correction/ modifying facial shapes
  • Sculpturing of face, highlights & shading
  • Simplified skin analysis
  • Chromatics
  • Color analysis
  • Camouflage/ Correction
  • Eyebrow plucking/ shaping
  • Lash and brow dying


  • Introduction to Airbrush Makeup
  • Basic – Liquid foundation
  • Basic – Covering fatty foundation
  • Basic – Mineral Foundation
  • Basic – Clean Beauty
  • Basic – Evening makeup
  • Basic – Party makeup
  • Basic – Soot makeup / smoky eye
  • Basic – Eyeliner workshop
  • Basic – 50+ age/ mature skin
  • Weddings – Bride makeup
  • Weddings – Bridegroom makeup
  • Ethnic – Dark skinned, day/ natural makeup
  • Ethnic – Dark skinned, party





  • Research work
  • Working under time constraits
  • Applying eyelash extensions/ false lashes
  • Applying eyelash extensions – grouped lashes       


  • Guidance regarding freelance work
  • Ethics and morals within the industry
  • Customer reception/treatment
  • Sales technique – individuals/ store
  • Marketing
  • Work and Salary/ Commission
  • CV and Assembling
  • Portfolio presentation / assembling