Create a perfect look and give your customer a feeling of being professionally styled during the whole day. With this course you will gain knowledge in how to create the right “lift” and how to frame the customer’s face in the best way possible.

The course is first and foremost for you who is an educated makeup artist, hair stylist, skin esthetician or hair dresser. To be able to offer professional brow plucking and dying in a salon or a store is always a good compliment. You do not need any pre-knowledge in brow styling, we will start with the basics.

The lessons starts with the teacher showing and explaining all the working techniques.  After this you will do practical exercises under supervision and guidance. The course will begin with sculpturing of the eye brows. To pluck and eyebrow is something which anyone can do but being able to adapt the shape to create an effective “lift” and a “balance” to the face needs education and practicing.  

After this the course will continue with color treatments. We will thoroughly walk you through color theory and application techniques. The goal of the course is to make you safe and secure in shaping eyebrows, plucking techniques as well as choosing the right color for the dying procedure.

In the course we will work with the professional brand RefectoCil. For 70 years RefectoCil has been the world leading brand within professional eyelash and eyebrow dyes. With a collection of up to 9 colors RefectoCil offers the widest selection.  During the course you will be able to buy a favorably priced starting-kit with everything you need to get started with your treatments.

Skapa en fulländad look och ge din kund känslan av att vara snyggt stylad dygnet runt. Med denna kurs kommer du ha kunskap om hur du ger det rätta lyftet samt hur man ramar in kundens ansikte på bästa sätt. Genom att dessutom lägga till den rätta färgen på ögonfransar och bryn kan du lyfta fram det bästa hos din kund.

makeup work


During the course you will enjoy an advantageous price on a start kitfrom RefectoCil and a 30% discount on Emite Make up’s entire product catalog.

Fall 2019

Course length: 1 day
Course start: September 2th 2019
Days: Monday
Time schedule 09.00-16.00 (1h Lunch)

Course nr: LB119
Course fee: 2 700 kr

Fall 2019

Course length: 1 day
Course start: November 16th 2019
Days: Saturday
Time schedule 09.00-18.00 (1h Lunch)

Course nr: LB219
Course fee: 2 700 kr

The sign-up is binding. However, you have 14 days of right to withdraw when the deal has been made according to “distans & hemförsäljningslagen”. The right to withdraw-period is from the day your sign-up is received by us, and 14 days afterwards.




  • Product information/ knowledge of material

  • The effect of products and their area of usage

  • Material and tool maintenance

  • Hygiene

  • Ergonomics

  • Chromatics

  • Application techniques

  • Eyebrow plucking/ shaping

  • Eyebrow dying

  • Eyelash dying

  • Customer handling