Mariart is school which is not bound to any specific makeup brand. These means that we teach all different kinds of technique, not only those which are fitted to a specific brand. For us, it is important that you as a student is reinforced in your knowledge of general products, that you can understand the table of contents as well as the attributes and effects of different ingredients. Many doors will also be opened for future working opportunities because of you as a makeup artist not being bound to specific techniques associated with specific brands.

As a makeup artist student at Mariart you will though have a product package, primarily from EMITÉ MAKE UP, at your disposal. EMITÉ is quality assured and has been created for professional makeup artists. Besides the basic package, you as a student will et to work with others brands such as Estée Lauder, Smashbox, MAC, Bobbi Brown, Youngblood and many others.

Regardless if you in the future chooses to freelance, work in a store or a salon, you will have great use of knowing the different brands and their traits.

Adjacent to the school, connected to the building,  lies our Flagshipstore where we sell EMITÉ MAKE UP. As a student at our professional courses, you will be offered a 40% discount on EMITE MAKE UP’s entire product selection. After graduating, you will enjoy a standing 30% discount within your professional work. We view this as a service to you by supplying professional and adapted products of the highest quality. Studio adapted, highly pigmented, plant-derived, gentle to the skin and of course 100% cruelty free, are those characteristics which best describe EMITÉ MAKE UP.