Firstly, I would like to say that we are happy that you’ve found us and want to wish you a happy welcome to Mariart’s makeup school. I will also tell you about the central pillars and principles that I and Mariart always want to adhere to;

Through all the years that we’ve run our educational program, we have learnt a lot. I would like to claim that in this present moment, we offer education within makeup and hairstyling which is of world class quality. I hope you will get this impression by reading about us and if you wish to visit us, we will show you exactly what we mean.

Now, I’d like to tell you about something which we’ve always have stood for, and what many of our graduated students can vouch for. We always aspire to create a pleasant and positive environment in our school. By always following our thoroughly crafted equal-treatment plan, and with our well-structured follow-up system, you will receive the resources that you as a person need and you will never risk falling between the cracks and being neglected.

Our pedagogical system and strategy is well documented for having results. All study material is available in both Swedish and English. This also makes it possible take part if you who are not well-accustomed to Swedish. Of course it is also our team of competent teachers and speakers who will give you all the skills you need to be a successful as a makeup artist and hair stylist!

At Mariart everyone is welcome and our work is adapted to your conditions and to your goals. We do not tolerate any form of bullying and discrimination. You will feel safe with us.

If you want more information or  want to ask something in particular you are very welcome to contact us and we will help you. You are of course very welcome to visit us.

With these written words I hope seeing you when you become a student at Mariart!



Maria Nyström


Mariart School of Makeup and Hair




Mariart School of Makeup & Hair has been afforded  the highest credit value by UC. This shows that the school is run with all the desired precision and responsibility and with respect to the laws and regulations which exist in Sweden. As a student you can thus feel safe and secure that we as an educational platform will remain and persevere.