Choose Mariart for your Makeup artist and Hair stylist education


  • 10 Weeks education or alternatively crash course

  • A teacher staff made up of the industry's best makeup artists

  • A comprehensive education plan

  • Professional portfolio photos


  • Product package with a worth of 4500 euro

  • Discount card for several makeup brands such as Emité, MAC, ID Hair, Sweed Lashes and more

  • Interest-free hire purchase

  • Membership in Mariart's agency

  • Invitations to Pro-Class & Event


  • Approved education

  • International certification

  • We work in small groups

  • Free retaking of course at the event of illness


Mariart provides a wide range of educations and courses within makeup and hair styling.  Every lesson is of the highest quality in regard to course content, material and pedagogy. Every education and course is focused on your personal development and our goal is to have the industry´s most satisfied students. 

Within the longer educations there is a large product package included with everything you will need. Everything will be included in the course fee and you will not need to purchase additional things. After every education you will graduate with an international certificate/diploma.


So you as student shall receive the best possible education every teacher at Mariart School of Makeup & Hair will have many years of professional experience as makeup artist and hair stylist. Every teacher will also be freelance working apart from their teaching job. This will afford you as a student up to date knowledge as well as interesting and coveted internship opportunities.

Every student will have daily communication with their main teacher for personal follow-ups, personal progress, allocating internships and more.


As a newly graduated and certified makeup artist it could be very difficult to get started with working professionally when you do not have any professional contacts.

Therefore, Mariart has an agency in place. This can easily be described as an employment service for you as a graduated student.  Via our agency you will receive contacts within the industry and working opportunities as well as assistance with getting started with your work. The agency will also provide a safe community and a nice platform for active makeup artists.

We will offer this assistance to you for as long as you want. Most former students choose to stay in touch with us for many years after graduation. This membership is entirely free of charge and helps many makeup artists in their career.


 Jennifer Blad

Are you satisfied with your education and if you are, why?

"I am superbly satisfied and would without a doubt recommend Mariart to everyone who is thinking about educating themselves within makeup. It is serious, have great teachers and affords really good internship possibilities. The web of contacts which Mariart has is really big, which is very important in this industry. I definitely think that it is one of Sweden’s best schools."


Mariart collaborates with several large actors within the industry. Among others we can name Estée Lauder, Dior, TV4,group, SVT, Veckorevyn as our partners. We also cooperate with the major production companies within television and movies. Mariart has a good reputation and therefore has plenty of internships and job oppurtunities provided by our agency.  We can proudly boast that many of our students are offered work already during their education.

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