Makeup course salon is primarily for you which works at a salon or a store. The knowledge of doing a professional makeup for your customers is always a good addition to your business. You will not need any previous knowledge as we will be working from beginner's level and continue our way up. During the larger part of the lessons you will, with the help of a teacher, be practicing and afterwards we will be able to suit things according to your own needs and wishes.  This course is also suitable for you who is thinking of educating yourself in becoming a makeup artist but first want to get a feel for the profession.

The content of the course has been constructed according to the demands within the industry. The education contains the fundamental techniques and principles of makeup. The goal of the course is to make you feel secure in your choice of makeup products when working with customers. The course will also give knowledge in adapting your makeup after different facial shapes. You will also be taught how to best consult your customer regarding makeup.

The lessons will start with the teacher showing and explaining all working techniques of the current makeup. After that you will be doing practical work under the guidance of your teacher. The makeup course starts with classical “Beauty”. In this type of makeup you will primarily work with contouring, shading techniques and corrections which are the fundamentals for all other types of makeup. You will learn to hide flaws, create high cheekbones and enhancing the best. We will then continue with doing different types of eyeshadow combinations. You will gain understanding of different techniques, working strategies and customer handling.

The fee of the course will also give you a course book “PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP – STUDIO”.
During the course you will be using products from the entire catalog of Emité Make Up free of charge. We have professional products which are gentle to the skin and suitable for all skin colors. If you wish to shop at our connected makeup store during the course weekends you will receive 20% discount on all tools.  We will also offer you 30% discount on the entire product catalog of Emité Makeup. If you wish to shop at our connected makeup store you will receive a 30% discount on Emité Make Up.

After completed education you will receive a diploma.