As a hair stylist you will create many types of advanced hair updos and expressive and effective stylings. You will also be able to accomplish alterations by means of hair pieces and extensions. In contrast to the hair dresser you will not cut or dye hair. Instead you will be focusing on making creative results. Your work place will be in a studio, movie productions and fashion exhibitions.  Besides work with models, artists and actors you will have the opportunity to take on responsibilities at weddings. The customer will then primarily be the bride. As a hair stylist you will be an integral part of her big day.

By performing both hair styling and makeup you will be able to create the complete canvas which is the model. The professional combo makeup artist/hair stylist is also a very demanded multi capability within the industry. At Mariart you will be able to complete both educations in the same time frame.


In the beginning of the education we will teach you about work hygiene and hair care and give you knowledge of tools. You will also be educated in handling customers and ergonomics.  The fundamentals of the course are the knowledge of different techniques and how you as a student shall master these in the best way possible. A thorough knowledge of these techniques are important to be able to work as a hair stylist. All this knowledge will make your working days easier when you become a professional and will prepare you for a successful career. The central part of the education is aimed towards a multitude of useful and trending hair updos and stylings. These are more than enough to fulfill the demand within the industry.

To achieve the best possible conditions for your progress you will be working with hair models during your lessons. In this way you will be working with different types of hair types and facial shapes. If you do not have a model you will be afforded your own hair doll. Mariart also has a wide pool of models which can be booked for your class.


During your education you will be offered internships. The internships are adapted according to the content of your education. Exciting and educational internship work combined with teacher-led classes are very important for a good and rewarding education.  All intern work will be supplied by Mariart’s agency and will lead directly to working in the professional business. We have high standards regarding the type of internship work which our makeup artists and hairstylists will be offered.  They shall lead to experience and contacts within the industry. In some cases, the students will also be paid as interns.

Mariart has close working relationships with several large actors within the business, such as Estée Lauder, Dior, TV4-group, SVT, Vecko Revyn, Fashion Week, among others.

We also work with the larger production companies within TV and movies. This will of course benefit our makeup artists and hair stylists during their education but also after their examination. Many of our intern jobs will lead directly to professional work. We can proudly boast that many of our students are offered work already during their education.


After having completed your education you will be an internationally certified hair stylist.


In the education we include work clothes, professional hair styling products and tools which is worth at the minimum 500 euro.


After completed education you will be part of Mariart’s agency. At our agency you have the possibility of being assisted and supported with assignments and work.



Which internship was the most fun to do?   

- Rebecca and Fiona’s music video “Holler” is one of the most enjoyable things I have done.  To then get the chance to assist Elva Ahlbin has been both rewarding and a learning experience. Also my own work at “Sweden’s sexiest man 2013” with Veckorevyn is something that I remember fondly.… read more