This course is included in Mariart’s Makeup Artist course, but for you is already a certified makeup artist and wants to further educate yourself within this are, you can now take this course separately. The demand for FX (special effects) exists within movies, TV and advertising. Also during festivities and Halloween or masquerades, the demand for this is large.

The education is aimed towards creating different types of defects and injuries such as wounds, scratches, cuts, lumps, scars, burns and more. The main goal is to give you the right preconditions to create realistic wounds for movies and TV.

In the course we will work with professional products which these makeup artists work with. The special effects are crafted by use of material such as latex, clay, gelatin, wax, artificial blood, supercolor, makeup, “dirt on a can” and more. The course also includes instructions regarding product knowledge. You will learn about their effects and areas of use as well as how to ideally care for your products and tools.

If you wish to shop in our connected makeup store during course weekends you will enjoy a 30% discount on Emité Makeup’s entires product catalog.


Material and products for educational exercises and tasks are included within the course fee. After the course you will recieve a diploma.


  • Burn wounds
  • Bruises
  • Black eyes
  • Bumps
  • Cut wounds
  • Grazers
  • Scar tissue
  • Bullet wounds
  • Broken lip
  • Cut off neck
  • Boxing nose